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Dynamic MicroLoc Installation Deposit

Dynamic MicroLoc Installation Deposit

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Most Frequently Asked Questions 

Why are micro locs so expensive?


Microlocs can be expensive if you get them installed by a professional. In addition, their maintenance also requires retwisting, which adds to extra visits to the loctician. Getting 250-400 locs can charge you hundreds of dollars in the salons


How long does it take for Microlocs to mature?

You know you've reached the mature stage (about 15 to 18 months).


Do you have to be natural to get micro locs?

In short, no, your hair doesn't have to be all natural to start locs, but there's a little bit more to it than that. If you want to start locs, but you want to keep your length, then you're probably wondering if you can just start locs from hair that may have been permed or chemically straightened. The answer is yes.


How long can Microlocs last?

Microlocks can last a lifetime. It is meant to be a permanent natural hair choice. It can be taken down or combed out and hair can return to its loose 'afro' shape.


🥰Some available Dates

February 5,9

March 4, 18, 25 

April 15,22,29


💌Normally $750+

Manager Special $350


Deposit Due $150 to secure your date (nonrefundable)


Remaining $200 paid at appointment

Based upon your consultation price is subject to change 

💌Installation with extensions will require a separate quote, plus additional $150 towards the hair extensions for your install