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A native of Columbia, South Carolina, Tiffany Canzater is a Kingdom Entrepreneur Christian woman with credentials as a Master Hair Care Specialist, International Mentor and Educator, Author, founder of Reclaim Your Pearls Girl International, owner/operator of Queen City Dynasty, Dynamic Hair Designs, LLC and founder of Dynamic Dance Community Development Company. She is a businesswoman, owner, educator, and influencer that have a heart for changing people's lives.
Tiffany’s faith in God is the foundation for her success in life. As a businesswoman, Tiffany coined her distinctive brand “Tiffany Styles.” Since that time, the business has transformed and the rebranding has birthed "I Am Tiffany." Her talents have made a way for her to enter the theatre world performing as an actress/dancer in several stage plays. Such experience has made Tiffany keenly aware of what is trending today in the beauty and fashion industry.

The road to success presented many challenges and barriers. However, Tiffany was determined to rise above them all, by the grace of God. She struggled in an unstable marriage, which resulted in divorce. Yet, as the saying goes, “When one door closes, God can open another.” Tiffany put her hope and trust in God and embraced her God-given talents to start a new life. Through adversity, she did not give up but pressed through. She used this as ammo to help women to see past obstacles and see opportunities.

Tiffany channeled her energies towards earning a bachelor’s degree in Christian Humanities from the School of the Great Commission Bible College, a diploma in Biblical Studies and Counseling at Word of Truth College, and a Master of Hair Care License from Royalty Beauty and Barber. Tiffany also gained valuable certifications in areas such as marketing, branding, and leadership to further her impact.

As a recipient of many accolades and gift prizes for her quality work, Tiffany attributes her success to maintaining a consistent walk with God, obeying His Word, and working diligently with a humble spirit. Tiffany officially accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior in 2010 and is now under the leadership of my Bishop who is Senior Pastor Dr. Winford Thompson.

In 2012, Tiffany founded a dance/flag ministry called “Willing Worshippers” and a community-based step team called the “Dynamic Steppers,” to mentor young people by combining the art of dance with biblical truths. This project then took a step towards an even greater step. This step became the Dynamic Dance Community Development. Through this community development, more lives have been impacted.

Tiffany’s lives by the motto of, “Your gift will make room for you.” This is what Proverbs 18:16 declares. She wants to give all praises to God for the greatest gifts of her three amazing sons, Kwayson, Xavier, and Casey.