What’s up with Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL)?

The attack on Country-of-Origin-Labeling (COOL) is a good example of why international trade agreements require close scrutiny.

In my book What to Eat, I had this to say about COOL (among other things):

In 2002, Congress passed a law requiring Country of Origin Labeling (the apt acronym is COOL) that was to take effect in 2004. Later, under pressure from the food industry, Congress postponed the deadline until the end of September 2006…In America, food industry opposition to COOL is just about universal. The industry complains that tracking the origin of foods is difficult, but also would prefer that you not know how far food has traveled before it gets to you. The Grocery Manufacturers of America, an especially vigilant trade advocacy group, called the 2002 bill “a nasty, snarly beast of a bill,” but even stronger opposition came from the meat industry. Its lobbyists argued that COOL would be “extraordinarily costly with no discernible benefit,” but their real objection was that meat producers would have to track where animals and products come from—another sensible idea that they have long resisted.

Nevertheless, COOL was supposed to go into effect for meat in 2008 and finally did so in 2014. In the meantime, Canada and Mexico went to the World Trade Organization to argue that COOL unfairly discriminated against meat produced in those countries.

The Hagstrom Report lists Canada’s threatened trade retaliation (if the U.S. keeps COOL, Canada will raise tariffs on these products).

The WTO agrees that Canada and Mexico have the right to do this.

Now the House has introduced a bill to repeal COOL. The House Agriculture Committee voted for the repeal.

So much for consumers’ interest in knowing where foods come from.

I’ll be posting more about trade agreements this week and next. Stay tuned.

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Nom Nom Paleo on Vice Munchies!

Nom Nom Paleo on Vice Munchies! by Michelle Tam http://nomnompaleo.com

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Nom Nom Paleo on Vice Munchies! by Michelle Tam http://nomnompaleo.com

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Nom Nom Paleo on Vice Munchies! by Michelle Tam http://nomnompaleo.com

The kids and I had a fun time shooting the video at our house, even though I had to yell at Lil-O on camera to eat his drumstick. Bonus: if you pay close attention, you can peek into the dining room where we record all of our podcasts!

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Memorial Day Weekend Adventures


Hello my lovely friends!

Matt and I had a great long holiday weekend full of lots of sun, exercise, and friend time. On Friday night, we kept things casual and grilled at home. BBQ chicken ftw!

Plus some slaw (just chopped cabbage and green onions plus equal parts red wine vinegar and olive oil) and roasted potatoes. We discovered the key with roasted potatoes is to broil them on the top rack of the oven!

On Saturday, we were up and out to head to my fave workout: Urban Athletic Club‘s OutRun!


It was fun to have Matt with me this time – and we met my friend Kathleen there, too!

As always, the workout was tough but really fun. Outdoor workouts are so much more awesome than indoor workouts. Am I right?!


This weekend’s adventure took us around Georgetown, with our trusty sandbags in tow. We swapped off every 30 seconds which doesn’t sound like that long, but trust me, when you are running with a sandbag… 30 seconds is long. 😉



In between the sandbag running, we stopped for little mini boot camp sessions, incorporating squats, planks, burpees, push ups, and more!


Our final stop was the famous Exorcist Stairs near the Key Bridge. These seem like no big deal until about halfway up, when all of a sudden your thighs are on fire.


Such a fun way to start the day! The other big highlight of this weekend’s OutRun was getting to meet two blog readers, Amanda (in blue below) and Lauren (in black below).


I was chatting with the two of them at one point during the run and asked how they found out about OutRun – and they said my blog! Awesome. Turns out we have a lot more in common – they are both in the midst of changing careers and going back to school to become dietitians! They are finishing up prerequisites now and heading out to the University of Washington to start grad school in the fall. And, they both have (great) blogs! I linked to them above – if you like my blog, you’ll enjoy both of theirs, too! Ladies – let me know if you ever want to meet up to chat nutrition and blogging! Great to meet you both. :)

After getting nice and sweaty, Matt, Kathleen, and I headed over to Union Market to do a little refueling. I love Union Market – such a cool spot!


First up: coffee at Peregrine Espresso.


So fancy!


For brunch, we hit up Bidwell Restaurant within Union Market and snagged a table outside. Kathleen’s husband Zach joined us, too!


Kathleen and I shared a bunch of stuff – the grilled cheese (loved the egg on top!), the wild mushroom and goat cheese omelette, and the kale salad.




I also got some bacon for good measure. 😉


We spent awhile after brunch wandering around the market and the nearby areas. It was such a gorgeous day!

On Sunday, our big adventure was going out on a friend’s boat! Perfect day to be out on the water.




After a quick trip by Georgetown/the monuments, we headed down south near Mt. Vernon and anchored in a nice quiet area. Spent the afternoon swimming and relaxing! Perfection.


As for yesterday, I got in my long run! I’m training for the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon right now and needed to get in a 12 miler, especially since I blew off my long run last weekend.


Luckily, my friend Sokphal was up for keeping me company for the run! :) We hit up the Capital Crescent trail since it was mostly shaded, but it was definitely still quite hot out there. Whew – I’m not ready for super hot running yet! Hellooooo, tomato face.



For fuel, I was considering bringing my Homemade Citrus Sports Drink but decided instead to go with water and some of my old fave dates stuffed with a little nut butter and sprinkled with salt. They were tasty, but felt a little heavy in the heat – should have gone for the sport drink! Oh well – next time.


We made it! 12 miles, check.


We ended our run in Georgetown and headed to Dean & Deluca for the world’s most random refuel. I had shrimp (sweet and sour and salty and magical) and beets (I LOVE beets and these were epically delicious for some reason and just what I wanted):


And then some vegetable frittata. I saved half of this for later – when I run in the heat I’m not too crazy hungry after I run.


I was, however, in the mood for a cold and sweet drink! I pounded a big delicious mocha made with whole milk. Hit the spot!


As for the rest of yesterday, I didn’t get any photos but we spent it at the pool with our friends Tom and Janice! Great end to a nice weekend. I hope my American readers had a great long weekend, too, and spent some time remembering the real reason for the holiday yesterday. <3

Time to get back after it – I have a lot of emails to catch up on after unplugging all weekend, and a bunch of AnneTheRD client sessions today, too. I’m feeling good, though – I set my alarm for this morning’s track workout but ended up deciding a little extra sleep would serve me better, instead. It was the right call – my legs are tired from yesterday’s 12 miler and I’m feeling nice and refreshed after a good night’s sleep!

Have a great day, friends!

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