Curried Vegetable Polenta Kabobs

Curried Vegetable Polenta Kabobs | @naturallyella

| Disclosure: This recipe was created for Ancient Harvest. See below for more details. |

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Curried Vegetable Polenta Kabobs | @naturallyella

If you follow along, you know that I have a slight obsession with grilled vegetable skewers, especially when they contain halloumi. Whenever we have cookouts, I almost always turn to skewers (it’s also an easy way to have vegetarian and meat options without making two separate meals). There’s just something about a big plate full of grilled vegetables that makes it feel more like summer. And on the plus side- using skewers helps keep all those vegetables from falling through the grate (let’s not talk about how many slices of onions I’ve lost to the grill over the years).

Nevertheless, I understand that not everyone is as obsessed with halloumi as I may be or you might be looking for a great vegan grilling recipe for those summer cookouts. Enter my go-to: polenta kabobs. One of the great things about polenta is that once cooled after making, it’s easily sliceable and perfect for frying, roasting, and grilling. While I would typically make my own polenta, pre-made polenta from the store is not only quick but creates less hassle and dirty dishes (plus I think I’m incapable of making homemade polenta without adding a hefty amount of cheese and butter at the end- which negates the vegan point). For these skewers I used Ancient Harvest’s traditional polenta which is gluten-free and vegan. Combined with the mixture of curry vegetable-these skewers are sure to be a hit at your next cookout. And if you want to make it a full meal- whip up some grains and serve with a side of yogurt mixed with a bit of cilantro and limes.
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CJDG In The Studio with Rebecca Overmann

As most of you know by now, I love to travel. And I love jewelry. So when I can combine the two, it’s pretty much perfection. We’ve launched a new series over on the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group’s website, called “In The Studio” where I get to visit my favorite jewelry designers and see where and how they work.

It’s so exciting to see where artists–and these jewelry designers are definitely artists–create their work. In many cases, their environment can inform their jewelry: the space, the light, the city they live and work in. And I’ve found that most jewelry designers surround themselves with interesting objects and images that all contribute to inspiration.

For this In The Studio, I visited San Francisco to see Rebecca Overmann. In a bright loft in the Mission District, some seriously gorgeous jewelry is all handmade with integrity. Here’s a glimpse of what I found, and you can see the full article at

Thanks, Rebecca! You can see Rebecca’s new work at the Couture Show in Las Vegas at Salon 137.

New-new rings by Rebecca Overmann with angular planes and geometry, and her signature finish. Image courtesy of Rebecca Overmann.

Resident shop dog Mosley–at the bench!

Rebecca’s bench and a tray of new work. She does all the wax carving right here.

Rebecca Overmann

Succulents and rings sizers set the tone at the conference table.

Hand-carved wax molds means that Rebecca’s signature is evident in all of her jewelry.

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