Yoga in the Park Returns!

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Hi friends! Before I get into today’s post, breaking news: ClassPass is offering another $50 off your first month deal (through May 26)! They don’t do these deals that often so if you haven’t tried ClassPass yet and want to, now is the time to get on it. ClassPass is awesome – basically an all-access pass to all the best gyms/studios in your city. It’s worth it alone just for the ability to search for a specific type of class in a specific location at a specific time (aka I want a yoga class in Dupont at 6 p.m. on xx day)! LOVE seeing all my options in one place without having to go to a million different studio’s websites. After doing a free trial with them last year via the blog, I signed up on my own and have been loving it ever since. Highly recommend – there are TONS of great studios on the DC ClassPass now, and it’s also available in a bunch of other large cities. Here’s my affiliate link for the $50 off the first month deal (it’s normally $99/month).

Speaking of yoga at 6 p.m. in Dupont Circle (but unrelated to ClassPass), Wednesday night Yoga in the Park has started back up again for summer! Hizzah!

lululemon yoga in the park dupont circle

Lululemon Logan Circle hosts the event, which is free and happens every Wednesday from 6 to 7 p.m., weather permitting, through August. You can find more details over on the Yoga in the Park Facebook page.

dupont circle fountain

I met my friend Kathleen last night for the occasion, and the weather could not have been more perfect for an outdoor yoga class. Ending a busy workday with some fresh air and yoga was glorious.

yoga in the dupont circle park

The instructors for the classes change each week; last night’s class was taught by Emma Saal, who I believe is the owner of Epic Yoga DC. I’ve taken classes from her before and always enjoy them – she has a fun, cheerful energy.

dupont circle outdoor yoga lululemon

Also worth noting: I’m pretty sure DC replanted all the grass in Dupont Circle, because I remember it being really sparse/dusty last year, and now it’s quite lush and green.

After getting our ohm on, Kathleen and I walked to nearby Sweetgreen for some refueling. We brought it back to the circle to eat. Summer nights are the best.

sweetgreen dupont circle

As for today’s workout, I was back at it at the track early this morning! After doing some warm up drills, we did a 20 minute tempo run, building in speed to about a 10 miler effort/pace. We then finished the workout with four 200’s (half a lap) at essentially close to max speed. I was a little sore still from Tuesday’s speed session, but felt good once I got into it. I need to work on pushing my pace on the tempo runs – I’m great at really pushing it on the short speedwork but for the longer workout sessions I think I just get bored/am not as determined and let myself get a little lazy. My coaches said they know I am phoning it in because my tempo run/longer workout paces are not matching up with my short speed workouts paces and my race times. Hmmm, fiiiine. They are onto me. 😉 (The pace below includes the fast 200’s, which is why it’s quite speedy.) The coaches want me doing my long runs at an easy pace, but for the track, my mission for next week is to step up my game on the tempo/longer workouts. Who’s with me? So much of running is mental, huh? My legs can do it, it’s just my mind that’s like “ehhhhhh…”


But as for tomorrow, I’m looking forward to sleeping in and enjoying a rest day.

In other news, if you get Runner’s World magazine, apparently you’ll see a picture of me in there this month! I had no idea this was going to be in it – super cool! It’s a promotion for their Runner’s World Half and Festival this October, which I went to as part of their blogger team last year (I did the “Hat Trick” –> 5k + 10k in one day and half marathon the next! Whew!) This year’s festival is in Pennsylvania, not in Boston like the one I went to, but I bet it will be just as fun! Thanks to my college buddy Hunter for sending this pic over. Apparently I was really excited about something when this photo was taken… (Also, across from me in the foreground of the photo I spy the backs of Presley, Karla, and Julie!)

runners world promo

And speaking of running, stay tuned – tomorrow I’ll be sharing a recipe for my favorite homemade sports drink.

Have a great afternoon!

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