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Hi friends! Thank you for your great comments over on my How to Stay Healthy While Working in an Office post! Keep them coming.

I have all sorts of randomness to write about today so I figured it would make sense to put it all into a things I’m loving lately post. Enjoy!

Toast with nut butter and Greek yogurt

File this under “sounds weird, tastes awesome.” On days I’m running late or want something even more simple than my microwave banana oatmeal, tart cherry oatmeal, or flour free pancake for breakfast, I’ve been having toast topped with nut butter, sliced banana, and a thick smear of plain full fat Greek yogurt. The yogurt adds some protein and makes it SUPER filling, and it’s a surprisingly good combination, too. Try it! Dirty plate optional, Greek yogurt a must – regular yogurt will be too runny.

Workin’ on my fitness

I was back at the track yesterday for another great workout! Tempo run – check! I really pushed myself keep those splits down and succeeded.


I was especially proud because on Wednesday morning I had my butt kicked at Urban Athletic Club. We did a billion and one squats/lunges and a lot of push ups/planks, too. I was so sore yesterday!


This article: Why Early 80’s Babies are Different Than Other Millennials

I was just talking last weekend with Matt and some friends about how those of us born in the late 70’s and early 80’s don’t really fit into a generation category. We’re a little too young to fit in with the grunge and cynicism of Gen X-ers, but we can’t fully relate with Millennials who grew up with technology and never had to use a card catalogue, dictionary, or write a paper by hand. (Yep, hard to believe now). Anyway, my fellow late 70’s/early 80’s born peeps will love this article. I like the idea of calling us “The Oregon Trail Generation.” 😉

See also: 25 Awesome Childhood Experiences Killed by Technology <— I love the pic of the VHS tape with “DAWSON'S CREEK – DO NOT TAPE OVER!!” labeled on it. Did they take that picture in my high school room?! Lol! Also, AOL dial up and Blockbuster rentals… meeeemories! In related news, I just started “One Tree Hill” on Netflix because I somehow missed the boat on that when it was actually on. I <3 shows made for teenagers, clearly.

Snack Balls


There are approximately a thousand and one snack ball recipes on the internet by now, so I’ve been winging it and trying combinations of various ones I’ve seen lately – generally without measuring anything because I don’t like measuring.

I’ve mostly been making my Tart Cherry Pie Snack Balls or Oatmeal Raisin Energy Bites lately, so I decided to mix it up and use dates this time. I soaked them in hot water first so they’d be nice and soft…


Then blended them with a little coconut oil. I probably should have used a food processor instead of a blender because it didn’t get smooth, but once I dirtied the blender there was no turning back. 😉


Then I threw some unsweetened coconut, almond butter, cinnamon, salt, and rolled oats into the mix. Yum!


Ready to roll (literally).


I’ll end this random post with a reminder that if you want to sign up for ClassPass, do it today, because the $50 off your first month deal expires tonight! Here’s my affiliate link to get the deal. They just added a ton more studios this week – including a lot of CrossFit boxes! Excited to check some of them out.

Matt and I are staying in town this weekend and have a really action-packed schedule. Tonight we’ll be at a rehearsal dinner and tomorrow night at the accompanying wedding. I also have my high school friend Lara’s bridal shower tomorrow – I’m sadly missing her bachelorette as that’s tomorrow night, too. We’re kicking off the shower tomorrow morning by going to CrossFit with her, though, so that will be fun! I also need to squeeze in a 9 mile training run at some point… I’m partially considering doing it after work today before the madness of this weekend begins, but we’ll see – Sunday might be a better idea.

Have a good one, my friends! See you Monday.

What are you loving lately?

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Podcast Episode 7: Traveling While Paleo!

Nom Nom Paleo Podcast Episode 7: Traveling While Paleo! by Michelle Tam

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Heading out of town with your cave clan? How do you fuel yourself on the road and when you finally arrive? We’ll fill you in on how we find food at an airport, fuel ourselves on the flight, and how we grab grub once we get to our destination. Pack your bags and listen to our Paleo travel tips!

What We Ate:

Let’s face it: no matter how many costumed characters roam the Strip, Las Vegas ain’t the most kid-friendly vacation spot in the world. Still, our family decided to take a surprise weekend trip to Sin City to attend a “Weird Al” Yankovic concert. In this episode, the kids gleefully fill everyone in on what they ate and observed in Las Vegas.

Main Course:

Travelers: we’ve got tons of tips and tricks for you on how to stay Paleo on the road! In this episode, we tell you how we scope out Paleo eats when we’re out and about.

What to Pack:

The amount of food I pack in our carry-on luggage depends on the length of the flight. If it’s a short flight, I typically bring a small bag of non-perishable snacks (e.g., a packet of jerky, salami, dark chocolate, seaweed, snack bars, or nuts). For longer flights, I simply increase the amount of snacks in my bag—or I purchase something at the airport. I also bring some of my favorite condiments and seasoning, assuming our final destination has a kitchen.

My go-to travel size condiments include:

Airport Eats:

When I’m taking a short flight, I usually don’t eat anything at the airport. On longer trips, or when I’m stuck at the airport on a layover, I’ll seek out portable grub by going online and searching Yelp or Trip Advisor for gluten-free options at the airport. Other great resources for top airport eats include this article in the Wall Street Journal, and this post in Thrillist which rank airports by their food and drink options.

Choice eats at select airports include:

  • At San Francisco International Airport (SFO), opt for the takeout choices in Terminal 2. Some of my favorite options are Lark Creek Grill, The Plant Cafe Organic, Napa Farms Market.
  • At Denver International Airport (DEN), check out the locally sourced gluten-free friendly eats at Root Down.
  • At Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS), chow down on a BBQ platter (hold the bread and beans) at The Salt Lick before boarding your flight.

Food & Drinks on the Plane:

I don’t always eat during flights, but I routinely request bottled still or sparkling water (with no ice!) as my beverage. The reason I leave out the ice is because the ice is often contaminated with harmful bacteria. If you’re hungry and didn’t pack any food, most airlines sell gluten-free snacks that can tide you over until you land. (For example, Virgin America offers gluten-free snack packs, Hail Merry nuts & macaroons, and jerky.) I once made the mistake of ordering a gluten-free meal on an international flight and I was disappointed that all I got was a bunch of tasteless rice cakes. It turns out that most airlines will serve the same meal to anyone who requests a special meal due to a dietary restriction—which means a gluten-free meal will also be devoid of fat, salt, animal products, and, well…flavor.

Stocking Your Fridge At Your Vacation Rental:

Our drive from the airport normally includes a pit stop at a local grocery store before we reach our vacation rental. We usually stock up on breakfast items (e.g. eggs, sausage, butter, pre-cut fruit and produce, cold brew coffee) and grab-and-go snacks. Now that we travel with kids, we choose to stay at a vacation home or condo instead of a hotel room because we prefer getting more space at a reasonable price. Plus, we can start our day off right with a hearty homemade breakfast that doesn’t break the bank. If you’re staying at a hotel, you can still prepare some meals in your room. Simply call the front desk ahead of time and request an empty refrigerator to store your perishables. Also, you can evidently cook lots of different things with the appliances in a hotel room (though to be honest, I haven’t tried this—yet).

  • I use Yelp to find the closest grocery store between the airport and our vacation rental.
  • We’ve had lots of luck with vacation rentals through Airbnb and VRBO.
  • If you want to learn how to cook with hotel appliances, check out this article.

Dining Out:

I’ve always been a gastrotourist, and my prime objective when vacationing is to find and taste the best local cuisine. In this segment, I reveal how my research starts before we leave on our trip. I start by checking local newspapers and online magazine for the top places to eat in the past year. Next, I narrow my choices after reading the latest restaurant reviews. Finally, I ask my readers for Paleo-friendly restaurant recommendations via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. After sifting through all the data, I curate a restaurant list for each city, and figure out how to combine sightseeing with the restaurants on my list.

Crush of the Week:

The Double-Os discuss how much they enjoyed the “Weird Al” Yankovic concert in Las Vegas and their favorite songs at the show. Afterwards, Big-O and I talk about how much we love cherries—specifically, Bing cherries.

Question of the week:

Rebecca asked via email:

Is it possible to eat Paleo at a dim sum place? As a Chinese-American, that is the one meal/cuisine that I love more than anything else. Can you help me maneuver through the different choices?

In all honesty, it’s really hard to eat gluten-free dim sum, let alone Paleo—though there is a restaurant in New York City called Nom Wah where certain dim sum items are labeled as gluten-free. I haven’t tried the restaurant because I don’t love dim sum, but it looks promising. That’s right—I’m not a dim sum fan. But if you are, and it’s worth it to treat yourself to a dim sum meal, don’t stress out about whether it’s Paleo or not. Just be mindful of your food choices, and once you’ve made the choice to take a delicious detour, be sure to savor every bite!

Ciao for now! If you like what you heard, subscribe to our podcast and leave us a review on iTunes!


Weekend reading: Food Ethics for Everyone

Paul Thompson. From Field to Fork: Food Ethics for Everyone. Oxford University Press, 2015.

I was pleased to be asked to blurb this one:

From Field to Fork makes it clear that every food choice has ethical implications and that sorting out these implications from the science and politics of food is anything but simple. The ethical issues discussed in this book are fascinatingly complex and deserve the serious debates they are sure to stimulate. If ever a book provided food for thought, it’s this one.


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