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By WendyB Last month, I laughed out loud when I saw this “Bust the Myth” promotional campaign for shelter pets. “Shelter pets are not broken. Shelter pets are not damaged goods,” declared Adopt-a-Pet.com on Facebook, next to a cartoon of an adorably disintegrating cat-and-dog pair. It’s true that, if you’re sensible, you can pick out perfectly healthy […] >> READ MORE <<

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Fabulous interiors & fine jewels

By In Detail

in detail interview rosa de la cruz 05 Fabulous interiors & fine jewels

Within the crisp-white walls of jewellery designer Rosa de la Cruz‘s spacious victorian home; art, design and fashion collide. It is here, that surrounded by an impressive collection of art (Tracy Emin, Christopher Wool and Wade Guyton to name a few) and furniture from the 50’s and 60’s, that her jewellery collections are dreamt up.

Daughter of the art collectors Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz, it is not surprising that an appreciation for design runs deeply through her veins. Having inherited a desire to collect, curate and create, Rosa works closely with her business partner Tierney Horn, to create fine jewellery that has a bold sense of humour and yet remains sophisticated and luxurious. Here Rosa tells us how, what started as a personal hobby, soon became a successful buisness when her creations caught the attention of both the press and friends.

How did it all begin? What is your background?

I studied business and law and then went to work at the Guggenheim as an attorney. Despite my professional background, I was always interested in art and design and involved in creative projects including interiors, illustration and fashion.

What inspired you to start creating fine jewellery?

I discovered a jewellery workshop in Milan and started designing pieces for myself. After numerous requests and some incredible press I decided to turn it into a business. My business partner Tierney was the fashion director at Harpers and Elle and worked in the fashion industry. We both had complimentary backgrounds and working and creating together is fun and dynamic – like our jewellery!

in detail interview rosa de la cruz 06 Fabulous interiors & fine jewels

You have been collecting art since you were 19 and have a strong passion for interior design – what influence does this have on your jewellery or what parallels can you draw with how you approach each medium?

I grew up in a home that was basically a contemporary art museum – before my parents decided to build a separate museum space in the Design District in Miami. Since then I have collected contemporary art and mid century design at home. Every day I am inspired by these visuals and style – home, furniture, art…

in detail rosa de la cruz 03 Fabulous interiors & fine jewels

Are there any pieces in your house that particularly influence your work?

This year, we launched our Smile collection, and likewise I purchased a smile cutout canvas by Nate Lowman “Black Happy Ending”.

in detail interview rosa de la cruz 07 Fabulous interiors & fine jewels

What are your favourite pieces to wear and how do style them?

Our jewellery collection is not market or season focused. It is based on pieces that have beautiful craftsmanship and materials. We create pieces that we want to wear now but also collect and >> READ MORE <<

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