Three Onion Fried Rice

Three Onion Fried Rice | @naturallyella

If you were to watch me cook, you might be amazed that half the recipes on this site ever get written down. I’m a whirlwind that creates a mess, doesn’t measure, and can never stick to a recipe. When it comes to cooking certain items (let’s say, grains), I hardly follow instructions and found the method of “boiling until just about done, letting sit for 5, and the draining” to be perfect for just about every grain. The perfect rice? I got that. I’ve gotten to the point where I boil a pot of water, toss as much rice as I see fit in, and let it go while I work on other things. Then I keep leftover rice for meals throughout the week, like this fried rice.

This recipe is another adaption from The Easy Vegetarian Kitchen. While I love every recipe in the book, it’s definitely the lunch section that gets used most often in my house. These meals are often quick and no fuss. This particular version is actually from the ‘winter’ adaption but I seem to always have random onions rambling around in my drawer (that if left alone for too long, grow sprouts!)

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