Is the food movement winning?

Brian Lehrer asked me a question this morning that is well worth pondering.

The gist: Are the recent actions taken by food companies an indication that consumers are having an effect at the expense of science—and at the expense of focusing on more important food issues such as too much sugar, obesity, and diabetes?

He cited these recent events:

  • Tyson’s says it will phase out human antibiotics in broiler production.
  • McDonald’s says it will source chicken that has not been treated with antibiotics.
  • PepsiCo says it is taking aspartame out of its diet sodas (it’s the #1 reason given for not drinking diet cola).
  • Chipotle says it will source GMO-free ingredients.
  • Nestlé says it is removing artificial colors from its chocolate candy.
  • Kraft says it is taking the yellow dyes out of its Mac n’ Cheese.

To all of them, I say it’s about time.

None of these is necessary in the food supply.

There are plenty of scientific questions about all of them, although some—antibiotics, for example—are more troubling than others.

If voting with your fork can achieve these results, they pave the way for taking on the much more difficult issues.

These are big steps forward. They matter.

They should inspire other companies to do the same.


Spring Asparagus Flatbread

Spring Asparagus Flatbread | @naturallyella

I have to partially walk back a thing I said a month or so ago when I was talking about preparing for time after baby M is born, specifically freezer meals. I made mention that I hate freezer meals and rarely (read never), keep any full meals in the freezer. My addendum: pizza dough. At least once a week we’re eating pizza or flatbread for dinner and almost always I make up a big batch of dough and freeze portions I can easily grab out and thaw. That makes recipes like this one (and this Mediterranean flatbread) super easy to throw together on a busy night.

Specifically for this recipe, if you can, seek out spring onions. They are the less mature version of traditional onions but have a slightly more mellow flavor (perfect for pairing with asparagus). Also, if you aren’t the biggest fan of goat cheese, try melting some Harvarti on top or shaving some thick slices of parmesan after baking.
See the Recipe.

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