Q&A Wednesday: Supportive – and Unsupportive – Boyfriends

Q: I'm ashamed to show my legs because of cellulite. When my bf and I are out and he sees ladies in shorts and skirts, he asks when will I look like them.

Q: I’m ashamed to show my legs because of cellulite. When my bf and I are out and he sees ladies in shorts and skirts, he asks when will I look like them.

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How to Get Over Jet Lag Quickly


Hey friends! I’m officially back in DC after a whirlwind long weekend out west! (If you missed my recap, check it out: Colorado Springs Adventures.)

I didn’t sleep amazingly well last night due to jetlag, but I figured the best way to get back on east coast time quickly was to get up and out for an early morning workout. Urban Athletic Club it was!

I met up with my friend Chelsea and her boyfriend Fabio for their 7 a.m. class. I felt a little sluggish but the class was great as always – tough but fun! I’m hoping now I’ll sleep well tonight.

In related news, I’m really excited because Urban Athletic Club just started back up their OutRun weekend outdoor workout classes. I’ve written about them a ton in the past (Urban Athletic Club used to be called Roam Fitness), but basically it’s like a run club + boot camp combined. So fun! I already signed up for this Saturday’s OutRun via ClassPass – can’t wait. (Pssst: want to try Urban Athletic Club’s classes out yourself and not on ClassPass? I share an Urban Athletic Club coupon code for your first class/package purchase in this post.)

As for my post-workout breakfast, I had homemade banana walnut bread!


Matt was randomly feeling domestic over the weekend and whipped this up – I’m not complaining! Apparently he “winged it” and used a combination of sweet potato flour we picked up awhile ago from Union Market and normal whole wheat pastry flour. Whatever he did, it was delicious! He also texted me a series of funny photos of Zara eyeing it when it came out of the oven on Sunday… lol! (Also, that’s the table we always try to stop her from sitting on… sigh. She thinks our placemats are her bed, apparently.)

cat banana bread

Aaaanyway – I enjoyed some this morning with a side of cottage cheese for a little protein and some sliced banana and berries. Delicious! I always pair baked goods with Greek yogurt or cottage cheese for protein – holds me over so much longer than the bread alone!


As for dinner last night, I was craving lots of veggies after all my traveling yesterday so Matt made us a chicken and veggie stir fry while I unpacked. We didn’t have any rice so we had (unpictured) roasted potatoes on the side instead.


I’m working from downtown today and it’s back to work for me – lots to catch up on after being away! Have a wonderful day, my friends!

What’s your best tip for getting over jet lag quickly?

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How to Get Over Jet Lag Quickly originally appeared on fANNEtastic food | Washington D.C. area Registered Dietitian | Recipes + Healthy Living + Fitness on May 6, 2015.

The post How to Get Over Jet Lag Quickly appeared first on fANNEtastic food | Washington D.C. area Registered Dietitian | Recipes + Healthy Living + Fitness.

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Marina Guergova

in detail tastemaker marina london 11 Marina Guergova

When creating fashion label Marina London in 2011, Marina Guergova’s mantra was, ‘do one thing, and do it well.’ Inspired by women who appreciate quality and want a canvas on which to create their own style, she decided on silk basics and classic cuts, that would be effortless to wear. With her Bulgarian heritage and education in the UK at the prestigious art school Central St Martins, Marina refined the minimal aesthetic for which the brand is known today. Her impeccable taste, combined with a natural ability to connect with people, has gained her an impressive following on social media, that sees her up there with the best of London’s tastemakers. Her digital influence spans lifestyle, fashion and food and formed the platform on which she was able to grow her brand. We visited Marina at her East London apartment, where she lives with her boyfriend and her rabbit Syd, to delve into her jewellery box and find out more about the girl behind the brand.

Why silk?

It’s such a luxurious fabric and I love it’s rich history. All our silks are sourced from a specialist in China. There is no end to the different weights and finishes they supply.

in detail tastemaker marina london 10 Marina Guergova

By the way you describe silk, I’d say you are a very tactile person. Is that correct?

Yes. I do everything with my hands. I love to write and sketch by hand. I’m obsessed with painting my nails. I love wearing rings and tattoos on my hands. They are the most expressive part of my body.

in detail tastemaker marina london 05 Marina Guergova

Tell us about your jewellery style?

I like jewellery that is clean. I wear jewellery everyday unless I am working in the studio and no one is going to see me. Day to day I have my uniform pieces. If I go out I will put on something special and think about how I am styling it a bit more. I tend to wear silver in the winter and gold in the summer with a tan.

in detail tastemaker marina london 16 Marina Guergova

in detail tastemaker marina london 02 Marina Guergova

What would your top styling tip be?

If you block the line of your neck or arm it can make them appear shorter so necklaces and bracelets should be chosen carefully to compliment necklines and sleeves.

in detail tastemaker marina london 14 Marina Guergova

in detail tastemaker marina london 20jpg Marina Guergova

Who are your favourite jewellery designers at the moment?

My favourite designers are my friends. Jessie Harris is my favourite. If I was to design jewellery it would look like hers. Jenny Sweetnam, Daniella Draper, Clarice Price Thomas, LeiVanKash and V jewellery make up the majority of my jewellery box. I have also developed a passion for watches since discovering Larsson & Jennings. I wouldn’t wear any other watch brand.

in detail tastemaker marina london 21jpg Marina Guergova

in detail tastemaker marina london 04 Marina Guergova

Currently coveting?

A bespoke piece by my close friend Lauren Adriana. I also love most pieces by Australian brand Sarah and Sebastien.

in detail tastemaker marina london 09 Marina Guergova

What are your most treasured pieces of jewellery?

A little Tiffany diamond heart necklace given to me by my Dad for Valentines Day and a Dinny Hall necklace (above) from my boyfriend. They sit perfectly together.

in detail tastemaker marina london 08 Marina Guergova

in detail tastemaker marina london 06 Marina Guergova

You have a huge following on Instagram. How do you the app to promote your brand?

I love photography so I joined Instagram as soon as it launched in the UK in 2011. At first I just wore the clothes I made to see if people liked them. Instagram grew and I grew with it. That is how I developed my brand. I record things that inspired me. I promote the places I visit and the people I meet. Its a journal of my day to day lifestyle.

in detail tastemaker marina london 01 Marina Guergova

Tell me about your SS15 collection?

It’s inspired by Miami neons and hot sands. We have introduced some new styles – shift dresses, scrappy tops and a fun skirt with hidden shorts underneath.

in detail tastemaker marina london 19jpg Marina Guergova

in detail tastemaker marina london 07 Marina Guergova

What’s next?

I am curating a pop-up shop on Red Church street in Shoreditch from the 13th June – 30th July. It’s going to be called The Basics Stores. It will feature selected designers who create the basics you need for life from the perfect silk tee to perfumes and jewels.

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